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Phenology is the observation of seasonal changes in plants and animals, such as flowering, the appearance of insects and migrating birds. The changes in the rhythms of nature give information to scientists about the effects that climate change will have on natural ecosystems, but need longer time series, homogeneous, validated and well spread geographically throughout the country. We need nature lovers who want to learn and make phenological observations that help scientists to study the impacts of climate change on plants, animals and human beings in general.

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This video shows the different levels of participation available and the benefits of citizen science illustrate this with an attractive and intimate visual journey across the seas to the backyard.

This video focuses on citizen science used in the search for biodiversity. Nevertheless, citizen science in itself and the different layers presented here are also applicable to other types of scientific enterprises.

JORNADA SOBRE FENOLIGIA: “Observem el canvi climàtic seguint els ritmes de la natura”.

  L’estudi dels ritmes de la natura permet avaluar els efectes del canvi climàtic sobre els éssers vius. Els ritmes de la natura es poden seguir a gran escala amb sensors automàtics (fent servir, per exemple, satèl·lits o drons). Tot i això, les dades que recullen persones ...

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El CREAF rep el Premi Col·lectiu UAB

El CREAF rep el Premi Col·lectiu UAB L’acte de lliurament va tenir lloc el dijous 16 de novembre a la Casa Convalescència, a Barcelona. La cerimònia la va tancar la rectora de la UAB, Margarita Arboix, qui va demanà restablir ...

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