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The CCCB sets out among its strategic objectives for the 2017/2018 program to reflect on one of the central themes of contemporaneity: climate change and the new era of the Anthropocene, described as such by the impact of human activity on the planet. The axis of this program will gravitate around a great exhibition: “Despres del fi del Món” (After the End of the World), which will be presented in the rooms of the CCCB between October 24, 2017 and April 29, 2018.

A project like “Despres del fi del món” (After the End of the World) can not be closed on the walls of an institution and an exhibition hall. Organizatively demands to develop a citizen proposal that brings the issue and the problem to the urban real fabric and reach the whole of the citizens.

Estació ciutat

The Estació Ciutat is based on the conceptual framework proposed by the engineer and artist Natalie Jeremijenko and becomes the headquarters of the Environmental Health Clinic in the public space of the city of Barcelona. Based on the Sant Martí District, the Station consists of a series of infrastructures for the realization of participatory actions in which citizens contribute actively to the improvement of urban environmental health.

The activity is structured through a series of recipes related, among others, to the improvement of soil and air quality or the increase of green and biodiversity. Emphasizing the collective research and public participation of the citizen science, the Station has the commitment of the scientific community and local entities and associations. The Office of Citizen Science of the Institute of Culture of Barcelona also contributes to the project, highlighting the International School of Citizen Science, where researchers from all over the world will be added to this collective effort.

Visitors to the City Station can participate in up to 16 workshops. To participate from Monday to Friday, prior registration is required. During the weekend they are open to the public.

Among them is the following workshop:

Follow the rhythm of Natur

By Dr. Joan Masó, Dra. Ester Prat, Dr. Joan Pino, Dra. Corina Basnou, Dr. Alberto Masa, Dra. Ester Manzano, Dr. Iñigo Lamsfus, Dra. Cristina Montachini, Camille Pelloquin and Dra Uta When
Ground Truth 2.0, CREAF, Altran, Starlab, IHE-Delft

Phenology is the observation of seasonal changes in plants and animals, such as flowering, the appearance of insects and the migration of birds. Changes in the rhythms of nature provide scientists with a lot of information about the effects that climate change produces on natural ecosystems, and long, homogeneous, validated and well-distributed temporal series are needed throughout the entire territory. Citizens who love nature and want to learn to make phenological observations and help scientists studying the impacts of climate change on plants, animals and living beings in general, are needed.