The phenological observations of RitmeNatura are compiled in Natusfera. This citizen science platform for registering biodiversity data is the tool used to collect, validate and provide access to phenological observations shared by citizens.

RitmeNatura project in Natusfera has been created to group these observations related to the rhythm of nature. In this platform, the projects are collections of observations with a common purpose -in our case, to gather together phenological observations- made by many people.

The Natusfera’s project “RitmeNatura” is divided into two sub-projects: Occasional observations and Repeated observations.

Repeated observations

The best way to monitor phenological information. With a long series of observations, of several years, on a single species or individual, conclusive and robust results can be obtained on how the rhythm of nature can change. Choose a species, individual or area to observe and write and photograph in Natusfera its changes throughout the year. Become a recurring pheno-observer!

Occasional observations

All observations are important! Collaborate in the collection of phenological information in a timely manner: records changes you see around you in your everyday life.

How to enter observations in Natusfera

Create a user in Natusfera.

Join one of the two projects, the one in which you want to collaborate: Repeated observations or Occasional observations. You will find the option to join up in the upper right side of each project.

Click on the “add observations” button and fill in the fields that appear: name of the species (if you know it), photography, date and time, place and, above all, the phenofase you see.

Last observations