About the GroundTruth 2.0

Citizen science, powered by ICT, is currently rising and getting mainstream. Using their own observations and mobile devices, citizens can provide a new flow of data that provides localized information about the environmental situation in the field, complementing existing system and studies.

Ground Truth 2.0 is providing the demonstration and validation of six extended citizen observatories to real operational conditions in Holland, Sweden, Kenya, Zambia, Belgium and Spain to demonstrate the technological viability, sustained use and the social and economic benefits of these citizen observatories. The ultimate objective is the implantation in the global market of the concept and associated technologies supporting the projects.

The Citizen’s Observatory ” Segueix el ritme de la natura ” is part of this project.


In a digital world there will be a place that allows citizens, managers and politicians to share and consult phenological information. In addition, it will allow communication between actors and be sustainable over time.


The future Observatory will be the place where the data collected by citizens is stored, where they can be consulted in real time and influence decision-making.


  1. Create a platform of citizen science on the effects/impacts of climate change on nature where dissemination and results, through Open data, influence decision-making.
  2. Through the collection of data by the citizens and guided by a broad observation protocol, generate useful information to understand the impact of climate change on nature.
  3. Take benefits of existing platforms and communities, and regroup under the Observatory as an umbrella information and citizens acting and discussing the issue of the effects of climate change in nature.
  4. Promote the sustainability of the Citizen Observatory beyond the completion of the project.